BSI Education

ISSN 1753-9439 Paper 8 Vol 1 No 1 Pages 193 - 216

Impact on brand image

  • Ekant Veer

The following manuscript has been completed to understand what current literature exists in the areas of quality and reliability assurance and its effects on an organisation's brand image. The literature has been drawn from a wide spectrum of published academic and applied business sources. This review identified a number of variables deemed to be important for the successful demonstration of the quality and reliability of an organisation. These variables were synthesised into five critical success factors:

  1. Senior Management Commitment
  2. Internal & External Customer Relationship Management
  3. Process Design
  4. Process Management
  5. Process Measurement

The identified benefits of these factors include significant improvements in process efficiency and staff morale, an overall decrease in cost and an increase in margins and net profit. It is also shown that quality and reliability improvements can also have a significant improvement on revenue levels. These outcomes can improve the financial security for an organisation and can also make it more attractive to potential customers.

Standards have been shown to improve an organisation's brand image, improve supplier and customer relations and have a significant impact on internal business processes. By implementing a Standard that can guarantee high levels of process quality and reliability, a firm is able to make a significantly more competitive statement to potential customers about itself.